Collision 2017 Collaboration at Southbank Centre with Jasper Hoiby
26th January 2017

2017 started with an exciting collaboration with bass player Japer Hoiby. We got a chance to develop some live sound-reactive visuals for Jasper’s experimental bass looped tunes… more details to follow.

Chateau sign painting
5th October 2015

I was asked to do a bit of sign painting for a French chateau. See more details HERE.

Chateau door mural
20th September 2015

HERE is a mural I collaborated on with artist Sophie Baker.

Animation workshop film finished
11th August 2014

In July this year I ran a workshop for 10-18 year olds in the suffolk village of Yoxford. Over 4 days we produced a 3 minute film which you can find out more about here.

“Butterfly and Snail” screening | Barnes, London 9/4/14
11th March 2014

Please come and watch a performance of my film The Butterfly and Snail with live music – in Barnes, London, on Wednesday the 9th of April at the Old Sorting Office, 7:30pm.

Tickets £10 (£8 in advance at )

“The Beast I am” screening | London Short Film Festival 2014
12th December 2013

It will appear as part of the London Short Film Festival as part of The Gothic and the Grotesque at the BFI, on Tues 14th Jan, 8.30pm.

“Ürth Mütha” screening | Ch4 11/12/13
9th December 2013

My new animation Ürth Mütha will be screened on Channel4 in the UK on the 11th of December 2013 at 00:55 – That’s very early in the morning, but it’s worth staying up for. It’s an epic tale about creation itself. Set on a far distant planet (which is the shape of a human female, but massive) Lokuña must deliver the message to the planet’s thinking core to kickstart life as we know it.

“Cassandra” | Film Edit
29th September 2013

Singer Ana Silvera‘s dance collaboration based at the Royal Opera House is called Cassandra. I have been editing the video of the result of the development period they had at the ROH.

“The Beast I am” Screening | Encounters, Bristol 19/09/13
19th September 2013

yes that’s 16:30pm Thursday 19th September in Bristol at the watershed….

Unsung | Greenwich Park
9th September 2013

I joined the Uninvited Guests to take part in the Unsung project in Greenwich Park. I spent two days making temporary paper memorials for the unsung heroes of the members of the visiting public.

“Beast” Screening | Moscow 28/08/13
28th August 2013

Summer Shorts showing “The Beast i am” at 21:30 on the 28th of August in Moscow.

Fiction “Be Clear” | Pop Promo Now Showing
4th June 2013

I made an exciting music video for the band Fiction, which is available on Vevo. But that probably has adverts, so you can also watch it here on my site.

“The Beast I am” in competition | SICAF, Seoul
9th May 2013

The Beast I Am has been chosen for the OFFICIAL COMPETITION in the Student Films Category of SICAF2013, which is the Seoul International Cartoon Animation Festival.

Give Me Back My Broken Night | London / Bristol
7th April 2013

I took part in Give Me Back My Broken Night in London and Bristol. Drawing over a network whilst listening big brother style to the participants’ visions of the future – my drawings being relayed back via portable projectors so that they could see an image of their concepts live, right there in the street!!

“The Beast I am” screened at SOFIA, Bulgaria
15th March 2013

In March the Beast I am was screened at SOFIA the Bulgarian Animation Festival, as part of a programme called “BRITISH SHORTS: WEIRD AND WONDERFUL”.

“The Beast I Am” Screening | Angers Premiers Plans, France
19th February 2013

I am pleased to announce that my film was shown in competition at Angers Premiers Plans film festival, in France.

Electric Sitar | Prop Making
20th November 2012

Here is an electric sitar I made recently for Guitar Hero. If the film shoot goes well, it might even end up in their next game. Take a look HERE to see how I transformed an old acoustic guitar into this sitar.

“We Care” Animation Completed | Brent Council
15th November 2012

I just finished a 5 minute animation called WE CARE, for Latimer Creative Media and Brent Council. It is an animation about foster caring that stemmed from workshops done with a specific group of young people in care.

The resulting film will be shown to all children entering the care system in Brent as a way of answering some of the many questions, easing their minds and generally giving them something fun to talk about with their new carers.

Graduation | Royal College of Art
12th June 2012

I’ve got the animation MA in the bag now and the show is on the way. It is on from the 20th of June to the end of the month if you want to come down and see what everyone has been up to.

Here are some details of my graduation film “The Beast I Am

Terry Gilliam / Monty Python | “The Meaning of Life” (1983)
12th May 2012

[youtube-white-label id=”buqtdpuZxvk” height=”300″ width=”400″ autohide=”1″ autoplay=”0″ controls=”0″ branding=”1″ hd=”1″ rel=”0″ showinfo=”0″ thanks=”1″ autosize=”1″ border=”0″ cc=”0″ colorone=”” colortwo=”” disablekb=”1″ fullscreen=”1″ /]

The animator and python Terry Gilliam remains big influence as has been for so many animators. I vividly remember his animation and special effects from the film “The Meaning of Life” particularly in this sequence about the mysteries of space.

“Postman’s Familar” Screening | Glasgow Film Festival
6th March 2012

Sefa and I had a great time in Glasgow, showing our films and meeting the lovely people there. We showed our programme in a nice venue called The Arches, which was a bit like a Scottish Version of Shunt, though not quite so aromatic, but included the atmospheric rumblings of trains passing overhead filtered through a lot of Victorian brickwork.

“Postman’s familiar” Screening | London Short Film Festival
13th January 2012

We are excited to be showing Postman’s familiar again with Sefa playing the live music. In London a the Hackney Picture House on the 13th of January 2012. There will be some other live music too and a late bar. It is part of the London Short Film Festival. Tickets: £8, £7 conc., £6 members

Manage the Fear of the 2nd Year | RCA
3rd November 2011

I’m starting to build up steam on my second year project now which is going to be a stop-motion animation about a young lad and what he thought was going to be a dull day at the museum, which turns into an epic rite of passage for Theo, our boy on the edge of manhood. Thanks to the beautiful Ariadne he inadvertently finds himself deep in the labyrinth at Knossos and little does he know that round the next corner is the dreaded minotaur, besides which is the question of how he will ever get home, etc.

Well that’s the synopsis!

It’s going to be a stop motion film and it will feature some original music by Dave Maric.

Didn’t Meet Bergerac | Branchage
25th September 2011

Serafina and I just got back from a fun trip to Branchage film festival in Jersey where we premiered our new fillum called ‘Postman’s Familiar‘. Didn’t get to meet Bergerac, he was apparently holding a £100 per ticket black tie dinner at the same time as our event, so he was not in our good books anyway – we had a good turnout nonetheless.
Oh and it was my birthday..

Back to School | RCA
29th September 2010

I got into the RCA this summer and so I will go back school again after a 10 year break. Much anticipation.

What is Live Animation? | V&A
18th June 2009

Took part in a live collaboration with MPC/Ellie Logan at the Victoria and Albert late event.

Making masks | Regent’s Park Theatre
30th May 2009

Made 10 metal animal masks to the designs of Deirdre Clancy for Much ado about nothing, A New Shakespeare Company production at the open air theatre in Regent’s Park.

Networked animation | ICA
28th February 2009

Took part in a live animated collaboration with Nicholas Brooks, making animated clips by transferring images over the net to eachother. Working on them back and forth and back and forth, until they were done and projected on the wall in the ICA.

Tiger Screening | London
2nd February 2009

Showed The Amazing Tiger at Supine night at Barden’s Boudoir, London.

SpRoUt | Zagreb, Croatia
12th September 2008

Performed an animation/music piece as part of a group show (Zagreb, Croatia). I also lead some drawing workshops.

Cavalier Screening | Green Man
20th August 2008

The Cavalier showing at 7inch Cinema, Green Man Festival (UK).

Cavalier at Supersonic
30th July 2008

The Cavalier showing at 7inch Cinema, Supersonic Festival (UK).

Cavalier shortlisted for SohoShorts
13th July 2008

The Cavalier shortlisted/shown at SohoShorts film festival/competition (London, UK).

“Undertone” animation completed!
12th July 2008

The Undertone intro was completed for the fashion label Theatre de la Mode.

Finished “The Cavalier”
1st March 2008

I finished my film The Cavalier whilst living on a boat called the Adelheid in the south of Spain.

“Tiger” spotted in Birmingham
10th August 2007

The Amazing Tiger showing at 7inch cinema (Birmingham UK).

Sam at Yoxford Arts Festival
2nd August 2007

I ran a week long animation workshop with 11 to 16 year olds in Yoxford, UK. We made a short film in the style of Lotte Reiniger based on a local Suffolk legend.

“Tiger” @ The Green Man Festival
13th June 2007

The Amazing Tiger showing at 7inch Cinema, Green Man Festival (UK).

“Tiger” film finished!
11th March 2007

The Amazing Tiger completed in time to be released on first album by Serafina Steer.