Animation Workshop 2014: The Wildman of Orford

Presenting The Wildman of Orford, made during the Yoxford Arts Festival 2014 by me and a group of 10 to 18 year olds, in a 4 day workshop.

Using the cut-out style stop-motion animation, it tells the Suffolk tale of the Orford Wildman, who was fished out of the sea at some point in the 12th century.

Produced during a workshop that was part of an arts festival in Suffolk; my responsibilities involved writing the script on which the animation would be based; finding a suitable animation style; presenting it in such a way that a mixed group of 11 to 18 year olds could quickly grasp it and work together to produce a short animated film. I chose something akin to Terry Gilliam’s cut-out style, then led them through the process of animating it, making sure that they were all involved in the design and directorial decisions throughout. We successfully completed the film within the 4 days available.


Animation: Lydia Ackland-Snow, Theo Christie, Julian Edwards, Lewis Evans, Lizzie Noakes- Kettel, Jeremy Pickup and Sam Steer
Narration: Clive Merrison
Music: Lewis Evans, Anna Noakes and George Cook
Sound Recording: Ian Terry
Catering: Bess Noakes-Kettel
Thanks to: Suffolk County Council, NADVAS, Yoxford Arts Festival.